Now is not the time to be silent,

it's the time to even the playing field

I stand firmly with the Black Lives Matter movement and all those within the black community who have been grossly mistreated, unfairly disadvantaged, and silenced by a system that works against them. 

In light of recent events, I have decided to examine my own white privilege, and to think of ways how I could better help serve those who haven't had that privilege. 

First I want to address what that privilege is, because for some reason a lot of people equate privilege to not working hard, and that's incorrect.

My white experience is this: I was fortunate enough to grow up in a middle class family with parents who were able to provide everything. We never worried about food on the table, never worried about the roof over my head, never worried about how the bills would get paid. Everyone in my family has worked hard from a young age, got educated, built businesses, and saved to buy homes. But we have never been at a disadvantage. We did not face systemic barriers as we tried to pursue our American Dream. We were never denied anything because of race. We've always been able to pursue dreams with little fear of failure because that's all we have known. We have always had a clear path. 

Privilege is having generations before you who were able to own property, create businesses, save money, and get complete education. Nothing has stood in the way of white people and those goals since this country was founded. By default, white people were able to start working for those things hundreds and hundreds of years earlier (while also enslaving black people to build their wealth). Even when black people were finally given those same opportunities, the system had been fine-tuned to work against them. Our country is supposed to be equal for all people, but we have clearly seen this is not the case.

Black people have been held at the starting line, as white people have gotten to run lap after lap, and then are told they can catch up if they just run faster. Some may be able to catch up, but for most of them, the run has been uphill the whole time, while white people are still running on a flat track.

Free Photography for

LA Black-Owned Businesses

Starting a business is always hard, so I want to help support and give exposure to local small business owners, artists, and creatives of color, who are just starting out or don't have a budget for photography. Professional photos are a small way to help a business or brand stand out, show who they are, or sell their product. Photography is an expense that can be really difficult for small business owners to afford, so my goal is to provide that service to someone in need, pro-bono.

My goal is to work with at least one local business in Los Angeles a month.

Participants will receive:

  •  A full-day photo shoot (on location or in studio).
  • Retouched High Res JPEGs.
  • A featured blog article written about your business.

*applicant must be Black or Indigenous peoples

**applicant must be located in the greater Los Angeles metro area.


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